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Why Settle For An Unknown, Used Transmission

When You Can Get A


Quickly, Conveniently and With No Hassles?


Rebuilt Transmissions



Free Pickup & Delivery

*24-Hour Turnaround Available In Most Cases

Let Us Do The Work For You.


Quick Turnaround: 24 HOURS (in most cases)

Often, it can take several days to locate a compatible used replacement and have it delivered to you. We'll pickup the transmission from your shop ... we'll do the work ... and we'll deliver it ready to install within one business day in most cases.

ETE's Proven Expertise - Right Here in Central Indiana

We're readily available to provide expert advice and complete service when you need it. If you have any questions or special requests, we're right here to take care of you and your customers' needs.

Professional Attention to Detail

Our professional transmission specialists will disassemble the entire transmission, inspect each part for wear and tear, identify damaged components, and replace those components with new parts.

Ensures Compatibility with Your Customer's Vehicle

You'll know that the rebuilt transmission is synced with the vehicle's computer, has compatible linkage, and fits into the vehicle (all difficult to achieve with a used transmission).

Affordable Value

Don't assume that buying a used transmission from a broker will save you a lot of money. We're efficient. We're quick. We offer free pickup and delivery. And we provide warranties (12 months/12,000 miles or 3 years/50,000 miles or unlimited). Ask us for an estimate.

A Rebuilt Transmission From

ETE Wholesale Transmissions


Your Best Investment

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