How it works

1. We pick up your transmission

3. We recommend your options

2. We take it apart in 30 minutes

4. We do the work

5. We return the fixed transmission, usually in 24 hours

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Some common questions

Q) Can ETE Wholesale Help Me?

We can Remanufacture, Custom-Rebuild, Repair, Fix, and Replace any transmission from any vehicle. We employ transmission specialists for all makes and models who have decades of experience in transmission diagnosis and repair.

Q) How much time will it take?

Once we pick up the transmission, we’ll have it taken apart in less than 30 minutes. Getting back with you on the exact diagnosis and what options are available. “If we get your transmission this afternoon, we’ll usually have it back to you tomorrow afternoon.”

Q) Why should I buy a custom rebuilt ETE transmission?

Unless the transmission is not salvageable, say the case is broken, we can rebuild it. That will save you money. Reusing the original unit guarantees proper fit, proper electronics, proper gear ratios, proper linkages and ETE Wholesale Transmissions can customize your transmission for towing or high performance uses.

Service Types Explained

New Transmission

New transmissions are only available at some OEM dealerships and the price of a new transmissions is astronomical. Usually when you purchase a transmission, even from a dealer, you are getting a remanufactured transmission from another car.

Remanufactured Transmission

A common term, and is the same as a Rebuilt transmission, except the transmissions are collected, repaired in a factory, and put on a shelf. Remanufactured transmissions are more expensive. They use the original type of electronics, gear ratios, and linkages regardless of whether or not they will be the right application for your vehicle. Suppliers of remanufactured transmissions will not diagnose your original problem and it may not be corrected, i.e. leaks caused by improper part fitments not corrected with new gaskets.

Custom Rebuilt Transmission

We rebuild transmission, specifically your transmission. We pick up the transmission from the car, disassemble and inspect it, worn or damaged parts are replaced and then to factory specifications, with new gaskets, seals, clutches, and bands. This custom service we provide is performed by a specialist for your make and model transmission, and once the work passes inspection, we return it to you for a perfect fit.

Repaired Transmission

A repaired transmissions is when a few specific components are replaced or fixed. When a full rebuild is not necessary or cost effective. Say the transmission has a leak or broken input shaft or a failed solenoid, but on inspection we learn that the internals of the transmission still have a lot of mileage left, these types of instances can simply be repaired.

Used Transmissions

Another possibility is to have a used transmission installed. Used transmissions have become a viable option because insurance companies will often total a car when the transmission is in terrific condition. A used transmission may cost hundreds less than even a rebuild, but usually come with a lesser warranty.

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